Rehabilitation center «Exodus» is one of the most effective alcohol and drug addiction program rehabilitations in the world.


For comparison: in similar state owned rehabilitation centers, less than 15% fully complete rehabilitation program, while at «Exodus» results exceeds 74%. The Biblical «Jesus factor» is the key to the programs success of this center. «The liberation from drugs occurs by changing the person’s personality through repentance before God, the acceptance of Jesus Christ as his savior and the renewal of all life,» – says Pastor Vladimir Bondarev.

«The liberation from addiction is not the primary goal in our mission» – says Vitaliy Volyanskiy, one of the center’s pastors. «Reintroduce to society a full-fledged person who is able to live, study, work, build a family – is the main goal of the «Exodus» ministry.

The entire program consists of two stages: first one – is the phase of physical recovery, lasting up to 6 months, and the second – is the stage of social adaptation, which lasts about 2 to 3 years.

Our rehabilitation centers are available year round to men and women of 16 years age or older.

«You don’t have to be a Christian in order to join the program of our center» – says one of the center graduates Oleg Linskiy. “We have a lot of newcomers here who never been to church before.»

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